Past Work

Over the past 4 years, I've worked with countless clients to help them update, optimize, redesign, or expand their Shopify stores and raise their Ecommerce game to the next level. Below are some of the highlights from my time in the Shopify ecosystem

Apps from SAIO

I've worked with SAIO to develop 4 apps that are currently in the Shopify app store which help store owners expand their stores capabilities in multiple ways: SAIO Apps.

Custom Referral Platform for Tenslife

I helped Tenslife build their custom affiliate platform to help their fans drive sales, and in return be able to purchase exclusive products through the site: Tens Club.

Lifestyle Brand buildup and optimization for Wanderer Bracelets

I helped Wanderer Bracelets build up their site from a basic Shopify store, and helped redesign and optimize several aspects of the shopping experience. I also built some product customization pages such as the Coordinates Bracelet and the Crossed Paths Bracelet.

Map Customization for Landmass Goods

I worked with Landmass Goods to develop a map customizer that allows their customers to personalize the map posters they sell:
Custom Map Generator

Shop Redesign for LilFox Botanicals

I helped LilFox with a full site redesign to get their shop looking as great as their products

Landing Page build for Nordweg

I worked with DBNY to build out a landing page for Nordweg's bicycle saddle bag: Landing Page

Numerous Small Tweaks and Updates

In addition to the above, I've also worked with countless other shops to help with small tweaks, redesigns, and upgrades to help the shop owners raise their shops to the next level.